Women's Auxiliary

Education Committee
Candetha Stanley (St. Joseph)
Leatha Carson , Secretary (Mt. Mariah)
Melvenia Lewis , Chairperson (Mr. Rona)
Sheila Plowden , Co-Chairperson (St. Peter)

Life Membership Committee
Candetha Stanley (St. Joseph)
Leatha Carson , Secretary (Mt. Mariah)
Melvenia Lewis , Chairperson (Mr. Rona)
Sheila Plowden , Co-Chairperson (St. Peter)

2nd President - Mrs. Magnolia Atkinson Lewis

Mrs. Magnolia Atkinson Lewis, daughter of Fred and
Lottie Wright Atkinson, was born and reared in the
Horatio Community and received her early education
at Browning Home (now Boylan-Haven-Mather
Academy) in Camden, S.C. Her Bachelor's Degree
was earned at Morris College, and her Master's at
Hampton Institute in Virginia. Work toward the
Doctorate was done at Indian University and
American University, Washington, D.C., with all
requirements being completed except the condition
of the dissertation.

She began her teaching career at Loris, South
Carolina in Horry County, moving later to Sumter
County Schools, Sumter City Schools and Morris
College, where she served as professor of education
and director of Teacher Education since 1954. She
loved Morris College with a passion, she gave all, her
intellect, time and means to the improvement of her

Church and community involvement held constant
claim upon her time and energy. She was a pioneer
in the Headstart program, a member of the state
board of NAACP, former Basileus of the local
chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, a member of Order
of Eastern Star, and the executive board of the
Woman's Baptist Educational and Missionary
Convention of South Carolina. She initiated many
projects for support and improvement of facilities at
Morris College.

As a faithul member of Rafting Creek Baptist Church,
she was teacher of the Adult Sunday School class
and a leader in the Woman's Missionary Society. She
was responsible for organizing the Tiny Tots Choir
and the Young Woman's Auxiliary. Mrs. Lewis was
the first president of the YWA on the state level an
office she held for 15 years. She continued to serve
this organization as advisor. Dear to her heart were
the women of Horry County. She served as president
of the Kingston Lake Woman's Convention for 25
years, and as counselor to the YWA for many years.
She was treasurer of the Sunday School Convention
of the Sumter Association for a number of years. Her
activities in the Sumter County Education
Association span many years. She was a leader in
maintaining the Student Education Association
among college students of the state.

She departed this life in 1974.

Title Name President
Mrs. Etrulia P. Dozier
1st Vice-President
Rev. Essie M. Bromell
2nd Vice-President
Mrs. Mildred H. Welch
Mrs. Shirley Smith
Assistant Secretary
Mrs. Carolyn G. Williams
Mrs. Barbara D. Johnson
Mrs. Andean B. Campbell
Mrs. Lessie Gore
Bible Teacher
Mrs. Amelia Buck
Mrs. Mattie Stevens
Mrs. Ezella Bellamy
Mrs. Gloria C. Gould
Youth Advisors
Mrs. Edna C. Bellamy
Youth Advisors
Mrs. Vickie Hemingway
Youth Advisors
Mrs. Barbara Smalls
Public Relations
Mrs. Alice Graham
District Workers
1- Mrs. Dorothy Doctor
District Workers
2- Mrs. Sarah Nell Chestnut
District Workers
3- Mrs. Oneida Gause
District Workers
4- Mrs. Ruby Nichols
District Workers
5- Mrs. Geanwood Graham
Executive Board Members
Mrs. Maria Hewitt
Executive Board Members
Mrs. Odene Oliver
Executive Board Members
Mrs. Louise Johnson
Executive Board Members
Mrs. Candetha Stanley
Executive Board Members
Mrs. Daisy Nichols
Executive Board Members
Mrs. Wyvonmie Fluellen
Executive Board Members
Mrs. Crett Bellamy
Executive Board Members
Mrs.Geneva Randall
Executive Board Members
Mrs. Eula M. Windley

The Young Woman's Auxiliary is an auxiliary to the
Senior Women of the Kingston Lake Woman's
Baptist Educational And Missionary Convention.

Title Name
Nell Hunt
1st Vice-President
Karen Frinks
2nd Vice-President
Darlene Byrant
Sharon Jackson Beaty
Assistant Secretary
Sara Jenerette
Amy Whitley
Genetha Jones
Vanessa Bell
Public Relations
Veronica Doctor
Demetrius Williams
District Worker - District I
Sherry Gowans
District Worker - District II
Carla Richardson
District Worker - District III
Vanessa McCray
District Worker - District IV
Sarah Farewell
District Worker - District V
Patricia Hickman

The Kingston Lake Woman's Baptist Educational and
Missionary Convention of Horry County, South
Carolina was organized in 1934 with Mt. Moriah
Missionary Baptist Church, Bucksport, South
Carolina. It celebrated 50 years of service to
education and mission with Cherry Hill Baptist
Church in 1984.

The convention has been provided leadership by
Presidents: Hannah L. Bessant, 1935-1942; Rosetta
E. Watson, 1943-1944; Magnolia Atkinson Lewis,
1945-1974 and Bernice McAlister Johnson 1974 to
date. The convention involves 37 Baptist churches.
Six churches organized missionary societies in 1934,
which were: Bethlehem, Chesterfield, Jerusalem
Chapel, Mt. Triumph, St. Elizabeth and Sandy Grove.

Charter Members of the convention include: Anna
Alston, Arveller Chestnut, Georgia Edge, Viola P.
Mitchell, Lossie Floyd, Hannah L. Bessant, Allean
McQueen, Kate Green, Grace McCray, Ida M. Floyd,
Rosetta F. Watson, Diana Godbolt, and Kate Alston.
Ministers include G. Goings Daniels, Andrew
Washington Stackhouse, Morgan G. Lewis, S.R.
Eagles and S.P. Chestnut. Two of these members are
blessed to still be alive and working. They are our
dedicated treasurer, Sister Anna L. Alston and our
dedicated Board member, Sister Viola P. Mitchell.

Two historians have kept the historical record of the
convention, Sister Ruby Graham Nichols, 1960-1977
and Sister Etrulia Pressley Dozier, 1977 to date.

The convention sponsors an annual workshop,
which rotates among the churches by invitation, also
an annual banquet. The convention rotates among
the churches also by invitation.

1st President - Mrs. Hannah L. Bessant

Mrs. Hannah L. Bessant, the first president of the
Kingston Lake Woman's Baptist Educational and
Missionary Convention of Horry County, South
Carolina, was an active member of the Cherry Hill
Baptist Church, Conway, until ill health rendered her
inactive. She departed this life in 1952.

3rd President - Dr. Bernice M. Johnson

As your thrid and current president, I say with a
heart full of love, "Congratulations!" for fifty years of
services well rendered to Horry County and to the
state of South Carolina. My prayer is that we may
forever keep the torch brightly burning so that those
yet unborn may see the way to Him. We have come
with hearts filled with gratitude and love, "ready to
serve, ready to go." continuing to do His will. My
sincere thanks go to all my sisters, brothers and
Ministers for your loyal support. We will not get
weary in doing good for others, for we know that if
we faint not that we shall reap. My thanks are also
extended to all officers, local presidents, and their
officers and members for your untiring support. Very
little could have been accomplished without you.
Now let us move forward with our eyes on Him, our
Redeemer, and may God be glorified for it all.

4th President - Ms. Fannie M. Watson

Ms. Fannie M. Watson chose these words as her
motto as she shares her time, talent, service, and
love for her fellowmen throughout Horry County and
the State of South Carolina. She continues to serve
others faithfully and loyally, yet quietly and
unselfishly, with the inner joy which comes only to
those who are messengers for Jesus Christ. Her
spiritual development began with family prayer in the
home and church where her parents played a leading
role. This early training instilled in her the
importance of relying upon Jesus Christ in all
undertakings of life.

Ms. Watson is the daughter of the late Deacon
Everett and Rosetta Floyd Watson. She was born and
reared in the Green Sea-Finklea section of Horry
County. Her early education includes Moton Training
School, Route 1, Loris, South Carolina; Whittemore
High School , Conway, South Carolina. She earned
her Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science
degrees in Education at Morris College, Sumter
South Carolina; Master of Science in Elementary
Education at A & T University, Greensboro, North
Carolina. Other studies were pursued at the
University of South Carolina, Columbia, South
Carolina; Appalachian University, Boone, North
Carolina and USC-Coastal Carolina College, Conway.

She chose education as a career choice, and
devoted thirty years toward educating youth in the
public schools of South Carolina.

5th President - Mrs. Mance Etrulia Pressley Dozier

The woman worked her way through college on a
"penny and a prayer," earned a degree in library
science, and worked 44 years at the same school
site. Mance Etrulia Pressley Dozier was born to her
parents, Mance and Virgie Mattison Pressley in
Anderson, South Carolina, September 23, 1930. She
attended Northside Elementary and Reed Street High

Etrulia graduated from Benedict College in 1949 with
a Bachelor of Arts degree in the Humanities. She
was the recipient of a Carnegie Scholarship to the
Graduate School of Library Science at Atlanta
University. On May 1, 1995, Etrulia married Gibb Alva
Dozier III. There were three children in the family -
Shirley Mae, Claudette and Gibb Alva Dozier, IV.
Etrulia was widowed on October 2, 1980.

Etrulia enjoys reading, writing, and traveling. Some
of her works have appeared in the Upper Room and
the Independent Republic Quarterly, a publication of
the Horry County Historical Society. She is a former
trustee of Morris College. Etrulia is currently a
member of the Higher Education Commission of
Coastal Carolina University and on the Board of
Trustees of the Horry County Public Library System.
Also, a trustee of Mt. Calvary 1 Baptist Church and
member of the Missionary Society of Mt. Calvary. She
is current president of the Kingston Lake Baptist
Woman's Missionary and Educational Convention of
Horry County, South Carolina. She is the Historian of
the Kingston Lake Baptist Sunday School
Convention. Etrulia enjoys cooking, eating and
collecting elephants of all shapes and sizes.

Etrulia has six brothers: Wade, James Thomas,
Mance Jr., Grady, Vance, and Walter. She had six
sisters: a still born, Mildred, Rosella, Lola Mae, Zadie
And Mettie. She retired from the Horry County
School District June 29, 1998 as a Librarian-Media
Specialist of Whittemore Park Middle School. Mrs.
Marjorie Coakley McIver was the Principal and Dr.
Gerita Postlewait was the first female
Super-intendant of the Horry County Schools.

PRAYER: Out Heavenly Father, please help me
today, May 1, 2002 on my 47th wedding anniversary
to think of my stewardship and Thy will for my life, as
I use my mind to think soberly, my mouth to speak
kindly and my physical faculties to act in my own
best interest and the proper consideration of others.
Please continue to shower your blessings upon the
Kingston Lake Baptist Association, its auxiliaries
and the Kingston Lake Baptist Woman's Convention.

Anna Alston Bethlehem
Kate Alston Bethlehem
Rebecca Small Windley Bethlehem
Reatha Bellamy Flag Patch
Hannah L. Bessant Cherry Hill
Mary Brown St. Elizabeth
Helen Burroughs St. Elizabeth
Arveller Chestnut Chesterfield
Lottie Bellamy Chestnut Cherry Hill
Georgia Edge Chesterfield
Ida May Floyd Silent Grove
Lossie Jan Colottie Hand Floyd Silent Grove
Deanna Godbolt St. Elizabeth
Annie Graham Mt. Rona
Kate Green Mt. Moriah
Ruth Grissett Bethlehem
O'Powell Hickman Mt. Pisgah
Lolie Lewis Silent Grove
Grace McCray Mt. Pisgah
Rena McCray Jerusalem Chapel
Alleen McQueen St. Elizabeth
Viola V.P. Mitchell Sandy Grove
Blanchie Moore
Rosetta Watson Silent Grove
Hattie Woodberry St. Paul